Water your arrangement only when the soil is dry. This is generally once a week in the summer, and once or twice a month during the cooler months. Use a wooden stick (provided upon purchase) to test the moisture level in the soil. If the stick comes out dry, it's time to water. Keep in mind that succulents will not likely survive if they are over watered.



More sunlight brings out color in many succulents. More shade makes succulents display a deeper green. Most are happiest in an environment where they receive sunlight for half of the day. They can be placed near a window that gets bright, filtered light, or in a naturally bright room. 



Cacti and succulents thrive best outdoors but some varieties can survive indoors provided that they have sufficient natural light. If you have them indoors, it is recommended that you take them outside at least every couple of weeks to give them some fresh air and filtered light. DO NOT place them in direct sunlight: this may cause the plant to go into shock and burn.