Photo courtesy of B. Young Forever Photography


Tillandsias, also known as air plants, are members of the bromeliad family. Of all indoor plants, they are the easiest to care for.

They don't require any soil, so they can be placed in any kind of container, or mounted/tied onto almost anything.


Place plants face down in a bowl of filtered water and submerge them overnight. After the soaking is complete, gently shake the plant to remove excess water and let them air dry upside down on a flat surface. Do not allow the plants to sit in a puddle of water. Complete this process every two weeks or as needed. 

Air plants also love the rain. If there is rain in the forecast, place your tillandsias outside in a safe place where they can soak up the rain drops. 


Air plants like bright, filtered light. They do not like direct sunlight as it is too intense. Place your plants near a window or in a naturally bright room. Dark rooms are unfit for air plants as they do not provide them with the necessary elements they need to survive.